Hostage Negotiation Team

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Sgt. Jamel Campbell
HNT Commander
Phone: 678-493-4200

The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Hostage Negotiation Team was formed in 1997 in response to school violence incidents across the United States. The team began with a small number of negotiators that served in an on-call basis. Since it’s inception the team has expanded and currently has trained crisis negotiators, through Public Agency Training Council.

All team member undergo an in-depth selection process, which requires that they demonstrate sound decision making skills and heightened stability under pressure. After selection, team members are required to attend specialized training courses, including:

  • Hostage Negotiations,
  • Crisis Intervention,
  • Interpersonal Communications,
  • Domestic Violence, and
  • Interview Techniques.

The Hostage Negotiation Team has successfully resolved dozens of barricaded gunman and hostage situations.