Popular Valley Shooting

Acworth, Cherokee County GA. July 6, 2010 - Cherokee Sheriff’s deputies responded to a domestic dispute Sunday afternoon at the Popular Valley Mobile Home Park in Acworth, Georgia. Sergeant Jeffrey Turner, who is a 10 year veteran with the agency, was the responding officer. When he arrived he observed 2 males involved in a fight. One of the males, later identified as Michael Joyner, was striking the other male with an edged piece of metal. Joyner then advanced on Sgt. Turner who sprayed Joyner with pepper spray. Joyner continued to advance on Sgt. Turner holding the metal weapon in his hand and ignored numerous commands by Turner to drop the weapon. Sgt. Turner then fired 3 rounds from his firearm. Joyner was struck twice, once in the chest and once in the arm.

Joyner was transported to Kennestone hospital and is expected to survive. He is currently charged with Aggravated Assault FVA, Battery FVA x 2, Simple Battery FVA, and Obstruction of an Officer. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is investigating the shooting.




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