Meth Precursor Seizure

Acworth, Cherokee County GA. September 3, 2010 - A Cherokee Sheriff’s deputy patrolling Bells Ferry Road near Highway 92 Thursday night stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. During the traffic stop the deputy discovered multiple violations which lead to the arrest of the driver, Tony Clark, 40 years old of Texarkana, Arkansas and both passengers David Dejerinett, 31 years old of Marietta and Evelyn Fitts, 31 years old of Jefferson, Texas.

In addition to locating small amounts of marijuana and Methamphetamine, while inventorying the vehicle deputies located numerous items and substances used to manufacture Methamphetamine. Pyrex glassware, pseudoephedrine, “Heet”, matches (red phosphorus), peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, fish tank tubing, and a propane tank were located in the vehicle. It is believed the suspects were transporting the items to a Meth lab. CMANS agents were called to the scene and are investigating the incident.

All three suspects remain in custody at the Cherokee Adult Detention Center without bond. Clark was charged with Driving without a License, Unauthorized use of a License Plate, No Tag Light, Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marijuana, and Manufacturing Methamphetamine. Dejerinett was charged with Allowing Another to Violate State Law, Open Container, and Manufacturing Methamphetamine. Fitts was charged with 2 counts of Possession of Dangerous Drugs and Manufacturing Methamphetamine.

At this time the location of the Meth Lab remains under investigation, however, we are very pleased these three individuals are off the streets and the items seized will not be used to produce Methamphetamine”.

Sheriff Roger Garrison


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