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Lt. Olen Boughner
Financial Crimes Commander

Investigation of financial crimes is managed within the Criminal Investigation Division. The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office recognizes the increasing trend of financial crimes, and realizes that this trend is very closely associated with the ease by which these crimes may be committed using the Internet. As a result the highly trained investigators assigned to the Financial Crimes Investigative Unit utilize the services of the agency’s forensics unit on a daily basis.

The personnel assigned to the financial crimes unit attend regular training specific to the investigation of these crimes and liaison often with other local, state, and federal agencies, while maintaining close partnerships with financial institutions.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a financial safety presentation please contact Lt. Boughner or he can be reached by telephone at (770) 928-0239

Safety Tip: Diligence is the best defense to becoming a victim of identity fraud. Never carry your social security card on your person, never write down your debit/credit card PIN number, know who you are communicating with before providing any personal information, and regularly inspect your credit history for accounts that you did not open.